Friday 2nd October - Dance 

Teen Musical Theatre Solo

Teen Jazz Duo/Trio

Pre-Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio

Teen Song & Dance/Tap Solo

Teen Acro Solo

Pre-Senior Classical Solo

Teen Lyrical Duo/Trio

Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio

Teen Jazz Solo

Pre-Senior Student Choreography

Teen Contemporary Solo

Pre-Senior Acro Solo

Teen Hip Hop Solo

Pre-Senior Hip Hop Troupe

Teen Musical Theatre Duo/Trio

Pre-Senior Lyrical Solo

Teen Student Choreography

Pre-Senior Contemporary Solo

Teen Acro Duo/Trio

Teen Lyrical Solo

Pre-Senior Musical Theatre Solo

Pre-Senior Lyrical Troupe

Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio

Pre-Senior Jazz Solo

Teen Special Needs Contemporary Solo

Masters Contemporary Solo

Pre-Senior Jazz Duo/Trio

Teen Classical Solo

Pre-Senior Contemporary Troupe

Senior Contemporary Solo

Masters Lyrical Solo

Pre-Senior Jazz Troupe

Teen Jazz Troupe

Masters Jazz Solo

Senior Lyrical Duo

Senior Jazz Solo

Teen Lyrical Troupe

Masters Musical Theatre Solo

Senior Hip Hop Solo

Pre-Senior Contemporary Troupe

Masters Musical Theatre Solo

Teen Acro Troupe

Senior Lyrical Solo

Senior Musical Theatre Solo

Teen Acro Troupe

Senior Hip Hop Duo/Trio

Pre-Senior Musical Theatre Troupe

Masters Student Choreography

Teen Jazz Troupe


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