Making Dreams Come True

Brooke began building her personal brand from the age of two when she insisted on joining her first dance class, from this moment she knew dance would be a huge part of her life.


Brooke believes in hard work, discipline, honesty and respect. "My greatest joy in life is helping people achieve their goals, and inspiring passion and excitement in what is most important to individuals." With a background in dance performance, choreography, secondary teaching, event styling and entrepreneurship Brooke's passions lie in acknowledging these components, working collaboratively and creating magic in any challenge given to her.

Brooke Brown 

Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Teall has been working in marketing & graphic design for over 5 years and is our visual creative boss here at BBE. Starting her career working for Rundle Mall Management Authority, she has experience in all aspects of marketing, advertising, graphic design, social media, digital marketing & events.


For Teall, the design is in the detail. She is passionate about creating work that is ‘on brand’ and supports our marketing objectives.

Teall Palmer 

Marketing & Art Director

Nick has been working with images for much of his life, a passionate and skilled visual artist, he has always had a keen interest in the story behind the image, which invariably drew him to filmmaking and cinematography.


With an eye for detail, composition, and the use of colour and light, learnt through years of creating works of art, Nick has found the photographic medium to be an extension of his evolution within the arts. Nick has now shot and worked on documentaries, commercial and corporate projects, short, serial and feature films, from the lowest budget, to Hollywood big budget productions. His methodology and diverse experience through these projects and various mediums through story and personal experience has helped formulate an undefinable, individual approach. One not born of any singular particular style, but moulded to each particular project and collaborative team, which continues to evolve through each new project - where image is the key and the heart of bringing story to life.

 Nick Berry-Smith

 Cinematographer & Art Director

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Aspen's strongest passion is dance, which she loves sharing in every way possible both as a performer and teacher. This passion coupled with her ambition and drive, is seeing her emerge into the professional dance scene as well as studying her Diploma in Dance at Sydney’s Ev&Bow Full-time. 

She believes that dance has something to offer everyone; “I love being a part of instilling a strong work ethic, sense of determination, and confidence in the young dancers I work with. Dance has taught me this and so much more that has made me the person I am today

Tracy demonstrates exceptional skills in leadership, managing data with efficiency and a strong attention to detail, together with a great ability to identify the end goal and is able to communicate well with any audience. These skills are invaluable to the BBCDE and play an integral role in planning and managing this unique event

Having a daughter involved in both calisthenics and dance has led to these attributes being utilised for many years in event and stage management. Tracy is so excited to be part of the magic that is BBCDE.

Tracy McMillan & Aspen Palmer

Program & Event Managers