Rules & Information




  • All entries must be received and fees paid in full by Saturday 31st July 2021.

  • Entry numbers are limited and studios/clubs/individual entrants are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Due to the scale of this event, programming requests will not be accepted and no changes to the schedule will be made.  By entering this competition, all competitors agree to perform on the day/time scheduled by BBCDE.

  • BBCDE reserves the right to cancel any competition or move a competition to another date due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • BBCDE reserves the right to add/remove an additional day to the stated 2021 dates if deemed necessary.

  • Competitors are not entitled to a refund in the event of a withdrawal or non-appearance.

  • By entering our competition you are giving permission to be on social media.



  • Spectator entry is free to all sections and theatres EXCLUDING the Diamond Graceful Challenge and Tanzanite Solo Challenge, and Calisthenics team events.      

  • The General public is welcome to view the competition.     

  • Doors will open exactly 30 minutes prior to the first performance.



  • Absolutely NO cameras or other recording devices are to be used within the performance or dressing areas. 

  • Photo walls will be located outside the dressing rooms for own off-stage photography.

  • Professional off-stage, still photography will be available for purchase on the day, for all items (dance and calisthenics, solo, duet/trio and group).

  • Professional, on-stage videography and photography will be available to purchase on the day.

  • This competition will be live streamed. By entering you consent to this process.



  • Upon arrival at BBCDE, please ensure to pick up your studio owner/teacher bag at the BBCDE registration table. 

  • Details regarding music submission will be confirmed at a later date.

  • Dancers must always be ready to perform thirty minutes prior to their scheduled time. 

  • Please note that BBCDE will endeavour to keep as close to scheduled times as possible, however all times are approximate.      

  • All entries are to report backstage to the BBCDE Stage Manager upon arrival.

  • All entries will perform in the order they are scheduled.

  • Please notify the stage manager of any holds needed. 

  • Dancers may not compete against themselves in any performance style and category. i.e: If a performer has two jazz solo's they may only perform one). Only groups are granted the exception of dancing in the same category on the condition that 50% of the dancers are not the same.      

  • Second performance attempts that are not due to a technical fault will only be granted if time is permitting. An entry at a second attempt will be adjudicated but will not receive an award/place and does not qualify for overall awards.      

  • Any entry in any class and category or division, displaying suggestive and/or inappropriate content will be disqualified.

  • For safety reasons, with the exception of rosin, the use of baby powder and other agents is not tolerated. 

  • Competitors enter at their own risk. BBCDE and its directors/staff accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries to dancers, audience members or anyone else at any time.

  • Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damages to theatre change rooms. 

  •  Any personal belongings, costumes or dance apparel left behind at the competition will not be the responsibility of BBCDE.

  • Judges audio critiques for dance and calisthenics will be uploaded by the completion of the competition.

  • Critiques for solos will be sent to the individual, duet/trios will be sent to the individual that register the item and troupes will be sent to the studio director.

  • Any backup music USB’s not picked up from the BBCDE registration desk after the competition will be discarded.


  • All Solo/Duet/Trio/Troupe and Team sections : 1st- 5th (depending on number in sections)

  • Dance: Top scoring Solo in each age division           

  • Top scoring Duet/Trio in each age division 

  • Top 10 Highest scoring Soloist will be invited to compete in the Dance Off Challenge


All cash awards will be awarded in a voucher format. Vouchers must then be scanned and e-mailed by the studio to BB Calisthenics & Dance Eisteddfod in order to receive your winnings.


Winnings will be sent via direct deposit.


  • All judges decisions are final and are non-negotiable.  

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. BBCDE promotes a friendly and supportive competition environment and has the right to have anyone not displaying these characteristics removed from the venue.  

  • Parents are not permitted in the backstage area during the competition unless you are registered as an independent entry.



Dance Entry Type:

Solo (1 dancer)

Duet (2 dancers)

Trio (3 dancers)

Small Group (4-11 dancers)

Large Group (12+ dancers)


Calisthenics Entry Type:

Solo (1 dancer)

Duo (2 dancers)

Trio (3 dancers)

Team (as per ACF rules)


Dance Age Division:

Age division for troupes, duets and trios is calculated by adding all ages, dividing

by the number of performers and dropping all decimals. All ages are determined as of the 31st December, 2021.

Petite (4-6)

Mini (7-8)

Junior (9-10)

Pre-Teen (11-12)

Teen (13-14)

Pre-Senior (15-16)

Senior (17+)

Masters (26+)

Calisthenics Age Division (Ages as per ACF Rules)

Tinies (3-7)

Sub-Junior (8-10)

Juniors (11-13)

Intermediate (14-17)

Senior (18+)

Masters (26+)



  • BALLET: Classical ballet with a high form of technique. Ballet shoes required. Acro tricks are not permitted. Pointe shoes are permitted.

  • JAZZ: Traditional jazz techniques and performance. 

  • LYRICAL: Fusion of Ballet and Jazz techniques. An interpretation of lyrics and the ability to tell a story through dance. 

  • CONTEMPORARY: Incorporation of Contemporary technique and movement vocabulary.

  • TAP: Technical footwork with a rhythmic quality. Pre-recorded Tap sounds will not be permitted. Tap shoes required. 

  • MUSICAL THEATRE: Form of dance inspired by a musical or musical movie, to tell a story or play a character. Does not include singing.

  • SONG & DANCE/TAP: Live singing required along with dance choreography. 

  • ACRO: Combination of acrobatic and dance choreography. Should have a strong balance of both styles.

  • HIP HOP: Focuses on a street style movement vocabulary. Acrobatics tricks and break dancing are permitted.

  • SPECIAL NEEDS: A section designed specifically for dancers with special needs. Each genre will have its own special needs section and you may enter as many as you wish.


  • Details to be advised at a later date.

  • We accept backup USB's with uploaded music in the event of technical error. Each file must still be clearly labelled.


Solos, Duets/Trios: Maximum of 3 minutes.

Small Groups: Maximum of 3 minutes. 

Large Groups: Maximum of 4 minutes. 

Calisthenics: As per ACF Rules


  • The Diamond Graceful and Tanzanite Solo Challenge is strictly invitation only. Only competitors who receive an Invitation will be allowed to enter this section.     

  • Competitors in the Diamond Graceful Challenge or Tanzanite Solo Challenge cannot compete in any other graceful solo or Calisthenics Solo section.


a.    Entry open to ages 14 years and over excluding competitive masters.

b.    Ages as at 31st December 2021.

Prizes Awarded:

First Place – $750

Second Place – $500

Third Place – $150

Honourable Mention– $75

Highly Commended - $50


This competition will have panel adjudication.



  • The Dance-off Challenge will be held on the final day of competition.

  • The top 10 highest scoring soloists will be invited back to perform in the Ultimate Dance-off Challenge.

  • The dancer may choose any genre solo to compete and must advise the host of their chosen solo upon qualification. 

  • The Dance-off Challenge will have two finals determined by a split in ages:


Challenge 1:

12 years and under.

Challenge 2:

13 years and above.


Each Challenge will have a top prize of $750 dollars awarded to the top soloist of the competition.


Should you need to contact BBCDE at any stage during the Eisteddfod, please do not hesitate to have studio owners or teachers communicate with us by emailing: